Virtue Dealer Tech & Sales Class


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Includes the following products with qualifying purchase ($2800 value):

  • Virtue Ace Marker + Spire IV Loader - Wireless iFI Combo
  • Virtue Spire IR² Loader
  • Bunkerkings CTRL Loader
  • Bunkerkings NTR Speed Feed
  • VIO Ascend Goggle
  • VIO Contour Goggle
This class will cover the brand new Virtue Spire IR², CTRL Loader, Spire IV and VIO goggle line. Attendees will learn about the design, function, and operation of each of these innovative products and learn how to troubleshoot potential problems. Virtue will cover the overview, operation, and common tips for the entire Virtue line.

After taking this class, attendees will not only feel confident selling Virtue products, but troubleshooting any potential issues will be made easier thanks to the knowledge gained from interacting directly with the manufacturer.

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