2023 Dealer Pricing & Incentives Program

  • Benefits based on the full calendar year (Jan - Dec)
  • Points can be used on all product categories
  • Earn up to 43% margins + 10% points bonus kickback
  • Points expire after 3 months of inactivity
  • Double Bonus Point Promotions

Dealer tiers are as follows:

Tier Tier Spend Margin + Points Kickback
Dealer  -  30% + 5%
Silver $1,500  35% + 5%
Gold $4,000  38% + 6%
Platinum $7,500  41% + 7.5%
Diamond $20,000  43% + 10%

Double Bonus Point  Promotions

Increase your margin with a 100% point bonus on select products. Tier Bonuses stack on top as well, which means on Double Bonus Point Eligible products the bonus credit will be 10% for Dealer, 10% for Silver, 12% for Gold, 15% for Platinum and 20% for Diamond.

Bonus Points = More Profit, Lower Cost Reorders

Points are automatically earned based on the total of each purchase. Points are applied directly to your cart in the form of an account credit, and are as good as cash at the time of placing an order. Points are valued at $0.05 each, which means your account will receive an instant rebate good for 5-10% of your purchase based on your tier level.

Sale Protection - Reduce Risk & Make the Sale

Eligible accounts will receive a credit on any periodic sales of an individual item below MAP.

MAP and MSRP Policy

The Virtue MAP and MSRP policy allows stores to address inventory and sales needs while maximizing profit margins in a way that does not rely solely on manufacturer driven sales. 

Consumers are increasingly savvy and "deal" oriented. The local shopping mall, online, and in printed sales flyers, large discounts beacon consumers to spend there dollars everywhere -- but frequently not in stores that have a fixed pricing at MAP.

MAP is a promotional tool to for stores create sales based on inventory levels and their own sales timelines. Rather than list everything at MAPVirtue strongly encourages our dealers to use the MAP policy exactly as it is intended -- as a sales tool to promote sales, not as a permanent low price the consumer sees everywhere and consequently doesn't value as a "good deal". MAP pricing is used by dealers as self-directed promotions to increased sales. Products sold at MAP should be:

  • Of limited selection (not an entire line or category).
  • For an advertised limited time duration.
  • Clear to the consumer the temporary markdown from MSRP to MAP.
  • Given some prominence with sales banners, social media marketing, signage or flyers.

As always, dealers are free to make their own choices with regards to how they sell Virtue products, but Virtue will not continue to sell at preferential pricing to customers who undermine the intent of our pricing and advertising policies.

Additional Terms of the Dealer Pricing and Incentives Program

You must initiate and place your order online @ virtueb2b.com using your account. Phone sales, pre-made sales, event sales, etc. will not earn points. Each point has an approximate value of 5-cents. Your account will receive points instantly once you make a purchase that is fulfilled. Returned or canceled items will forfeit your points. Your account must be in good standing with Virtue to earn and redeem points. Abuse of the program or your Virtue account may result in the forfeiture of points. The offers, terms and promotion specifics may be modified from time to time as necessary.


Marketplace Redistribution Policy (MRP). For VIRTUE dealers to keep their account in good standing, all VIRTUE products need to be removed from third party marketplaces such as Amazon. Non-current, discontinued VIRTUE products may be sold via eBay. Any exceptions to this policy (closeout offers, OEM products etc.) require written consent from VIRTUE. VIRTUE, at its unilateral discretion, will not do business with VIRTUE Dealers who violate the MRP. VIRTUE reserves the right to make modifications to these policies at any time.

The goal of the Marketplace Redistribution Policy (MRP) is to support growth of the retail paintball store. In effect, the VIRTUE family of products will only be sold to or on 3P Marketplaces by VIRTUE. This allows VIRTUE to support retail paintball stores with higher margins on our products.