To our valued partners:

We are very excited for the opportunity to work closer with your store or field. In 2018 Virtue Dealers can expect to see an innovative rollout of quality products at lower retail and dealer pricing. Additionally, our pricing strategy and Platinum Dealer Program is positioned to further increase margins, lower the overall cost of your inventory and make a greater impact on your bottom line than ever before.

  • Quality products you can rely on.
  • Performance demanded by your customers.
  • Priced to stock & sell.

Additionally, with higher quality products at lower retail price points, the used market is becoming less relevant, offering a greater opportunity to sell new gear to existing customers.  

Please take a few moments to commit to becoming a Virtue Platinum Dealer and lay the foundation for an even more successful year.



Mike Newman


Virtue Paintball



Platinum Dealer Benefits Summary

  1. Platinum Pricing on Virtue / BK / Base Products.
  2. Free Ground Shipping on orders over $500 (Paintballs, Pods, Gear bags and Base Paintball products excluded).
  3. Skid-level pricing on paint regardless of quantity.
  4. Free Point of Sale Materials.
  5. Promotional blast on Virtue’s Facebook page.
  6. Priority availability on new products.
  7. Shipping priority on all orders.
  8. 60-day Price Protection Guarantee.

Platinum Dealer Benefits Explained

  1. Platinum level pricing regardless of quantity on all Virtue products as well as any Brands distributed by Virtue including Bunkerkings & Base.
  2. Free ground shipping on orders of $500 or more. Free freight on paintballs,pods, gear bags and Base Paintball products not included.
  3. Skid-level pricing on paintballs regardless of quantity.
  4. Free Point of Sale Materials including Tech Mats, Brochures etc.
  5. One Facebook promotional blast of the Platinum Dealer’s choosing to the Virtue Paintball Facebook page.  Must be approved by Virtue.
  6. Shipping priority on new product launches. When a new product is launched, Virtue will ship to Platinum Dealers first.  
  7. Web orders placed by platinum dealers will also get pushed to the top of the shipping que.
  8. 60-day Price Protection Guarantee. In the event of a MAP drop (not a short term sale) within 60-days of a purchase, Platinum Dealers are eligible to receive a credit based on the new dealer pricing. The credit must be used within 30 days and can not be more than 50% of the total value of the new order.

Platinum Dealer Program and benefits are valid through 1/31/19



Invest in the Platinum Bullk Order at best pricing

(Any previous purchases this year may count towards this buy-in offer):


  • Spire III  - (minimum 4 skus)
  • Spire III 280  - (min 2 skus)
  • Spire IR  - (min 4 skus)
  • Spire III / IR Crown SFII  - (min 4 skus)
  • Spire III Color Kits  - (min 4 skus)
  • Spire iR Color Kits  - (min 4 skus)
  • Spire 260 Shells  -  (min 3 units)
  • Spire Spring Ramps  (min 6 units)
  • N-Charge Battery Packs  (min 6 units)


  • VIO Contour  - (min 4 skus)
  • VIO Extend  - (min 4 skus)
  • VIO Ascend  - (min 6 skus)
  • VIO Lens  - (min 6 skus)
  • VIO Stealth Visors  - (min 1 skus)
  • VIO Stealth Visor Fan  - (min 2 units)
  • VIO Goggle Strap  - (min 4 skus)
  • VIO Replacement Eye Foam  - (min 2 units)


  • Premium Barrel Swabs  - (min 6 units)
  • Glint Goggle Spray  - (16 pack)
  • PF165 Pods - 6 Pack  - (min 4 skus)

PLAYING GEAR (When Available)

  • Elite Harness  - (min 4 skus)
  • Breakout Elbow Pads  - (min 3 skus)
  • Breakout Knee Pads  - (min 3 skus)

LUGGAGE  (When Available)

  • High Roller Gear Bags  - (min 2 skus)
  • Gambler Gear Bags  - (min 2 skus)
  • Wild Card Backpacks  - (min 2 skus)


Financing Options Available With Approved Credit.

  • Platinum Dealers Must Maintain a minimum of 2 Orders per calendar month over $500.00 placed on our new dealer ordering platform:
  • Platinum Dealers Must Abide by MAP pricing and Marketplace Redistribution Policies (MRP).